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CLE Lending Library

All members of the Florida Bar are allowed to borrow our CLE programs for seven days, for the cost of return postage. Please see below for the checkout policy.

Please note the overdue fines policy is revised, we will charge a flat rate fine of $20 for overdue CLEs and it will be enforced.  Plan on having a tape no more than seven days to avoid penalties.  

We will notify you if your program is overdue by sending an invoice by email along with the bill for $20.  If we do not have the return of the program in one week, we will send a bill for the cost of the program.  

We have programs that cost as much as $800 and cannot continue if only a few people are using them because of slow returns.  Please be considerate of the other patrons.  We often have six people waiting for a program and they expire before their turn comes due to slow returns.  

We will ask before we ship to you and if you have no time to view them, just let us know.  We will send it to the next person on the list but you will be first in the queue again.  

We CANNOT allow another checkout until overdue fines are cleared.

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